Thanks for visiting this website! I’m a university professor, a sociologist, an educator but this website is not meant to be a place for academic writing. My scholarly articles can be found here and my professional affiliation is here.

I’m a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a colleague; I’m Russian, I’m Jewish, I’m Israeli, I’m American, I’m twice an immigrant. I’m a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being. And I’m also a writing being. Some pieces are stories, but some are too short to be called a story, just a few paragraphs, almost like a photograph taken using words. Or, as my friend suggested, the watercolors of words.

I’ve been using my own pictures to illustrate my stories but I’ve realized that some pictures are stories in their own right. So I’ve added photographs as a separate part to this blog. Enjoy and thank you!!