The Colors of Passion (San Francisco)

Drops of champagne fall into the dark waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sunset just slightly touches the surface before diving right in. The silence is interrupted only by waves hitting the cliff, obeying their own rhythm. The shore submissively accepts the firm massage.

The miniature charm of the Japanese garden, with every little bridge, pond, and tree positioned precisely, is in juxtaposition to the wild colors and shapes of the nearby gallery. In it— sometimes shy and tender, sometimes passionate and confident— the orchids show off their beauty, attracting attention, ready to be admired. Gentle, innocent, feminine; yet strong and resourceful. Pulling you in, seeking your gaze. The sunset’s colors are playing with the petals, lighting up the scarlet, the purple, the yellow and the raspberry pink on the backdrop of the bridal white. They open their petals but hide something, contemplating. The butterflies, the orchids’ closest girlfriends, are dancing around, landing on one flower after another. What an enviable harmony.

The sounds of the ocean currents are calming down, satisfied in the embrace of the shore. The seagulls are flying freely, approaching and then pulling away from the waters. The echo of the voices on the beach, the overpowering feeling, melts into the timeless waves, keeping their secrets for eternity.

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