Rejoice in the Now

In meditation, I received a message: “rejoice in the now”. There have been many “now’s” that I consider a gift, or a sign, or a miracle.

I rejoice breathing in the air of a summery night, standing on my patio, looking at the vast starry sky. Some stars are large and bright, others are small and far away.

I rejoice seeing fluffy snow-white clouds passing through the light blue sky right above my house in the late afternoon.

I rejoice in the happy buzz of the lightning bugs, decorating my maple tree at night.

I rejoice in the changing colors of the sunset, orange-apricot one day, raspberry-peach another.

I rejoice looking at and smelling the yellow tea rose flowers brightening my garden.

I rejoice in the purple blossoms of my clematis and the dark amethyst of the lilies.

I rejoice in the lily-of-the-valley in the crystal and silver vase on my coffee table that belonged to my grandparents.

I rejoice touching the soft needles of my pine tree and hugging my maple tree. They both have been there with me and for me through the series of ups and downs comprising Life.

I rejoice seeing my orchids blooming; the white, the purple, the amber flowers opening one after another.

I rejoice every time I see the rare blue shade of a bluebird or a blue jay in my backyard. The cardinals are welcome, too.

I rejoice in the taste of my coffee, and the subtle flavor brought on by an extra pinch of cinnamon.

I rejoice in the sounds of Chopin. Nothing compares to the Fantasy Impromptu for me, but the waltzes and nocturnes are still delicious.

I rejoice looking in the most beautiful eyes in the world and conversing with my son about everything.

I rejoice being embraced by my husband, listening to the beating of his heart which now has new meaning, after it was restarted twice.

4 thoughts on “Rejoice in the Now

  1. Lily-of-the-Valley brings back memories of my mother and the many years of the joy of seeing them in the spring. She planted them along the side of our house when I was very young. But then she would take a start of the same each time she had a new home of went to see others. Those plants spread over many places and when she passed away I too took a start and have planted them in several places where we lived, ending up on my retirement place along the creek bed where they have thrived. So each spring after the daffidils and iris, other flowers descended from her, start blooming, I also watch for the Lily of the valley blooming and pleasant memories of many years past. I have never thought of picking them because they seem to have their own bouquet right there in their glory. Thanks for the memories~!

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  2. really one of your most beautiful stories. So very moving. Especially the part about David and Iosip. I was really feeling the beauty and change of the nature world when you segued to your son and husband. It brought me peace and hope and I thank you for that! xx0xx

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  3. Aww, thank you, Cathy!! I’m so happy to hear that. It is really curious how these stories come to be. Different pieces would come to me, I write them down but it’s not a story yet. Then, a few weeks (sometimes months or even years) pass and the final parts arrive. Only then I get to know what it was really about! Love and appreciate the process very much! And very much appreciate the wonderful people who take the time to read them. Much love your way!!


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